From Startups to Shutdowns

The launch of #DigitalIndia Summit has raised hopes among the Indian start up community. The start up figures of India are amazing. I think it has something to do with the confidence and ability to withstand tough business times in young India-thanks to the population.

Indian kids grow in a very competitive environment right from the kindergarten days and thus, they realize quickly that genuine hard work and perseverance are very essential for a bright future in any field and also for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I have been closely observing the Indian start up environment and feel that a lot has changed in modern times. Earlier, due to paucity of funds, one had to think twice before jumping into entrepreneurship. Today, a lot of money is flooding the market and funding for a start up/project is not at all difficult. Moreover, CXOs too have realized a better way of investing money – in a start up!

Many start up meets are being frequently organised all over the country providing ample opportunities to youth to think and plan big through entrepreneurship. Such events are limited not only to metropolitan cities but are being held regularly in Tier 1 and  Tier 2 cities as well. The youngsters are now bold enough and willing to take calculated risks to invest in a start up.

I also read a lot about NRIs returning to India and setting up businesses. They bring in money along with useful contacts and provide employment/opportunities to deserving professionals.

So, what is the problem? What’s wrong with start ups mushrooming in India? Will they really succeed? Well, just wait and watch. ┬áThe answer is yet to come.