Hello world!

Hello World! After spending 5 years in digital, today on 2nd Oct 2012, the day when Gandhi ji was born I have planned to jot down and share my views/reviews about the things that fascinate me.  I will use this space to give you my reviews and share my knowledge. Like I mentioned in my “About Us”page, I’m huge fan of open source and people who promote it. So, you will find a lot of open source information here and tips to smartly optimize them. The other word that comes to my mind related to Open Source is “customize”, as one needs to modify the the code as per his/her requirement. Best part about an Open Source: Take the services you need and leave alone the services that are not required.

I work as a Digital Marketing manager, creating strategies, making campaign plans and making sure they are executed as per the requirements/goals.The best part about my current job is that I can use all 360 degree of marketing, which can include web, wap radio, television and print – all being done under one roof. To survive in the field of digital marketing, one needs to be aware of latest in the world of technology. I will be sharing some of my experience and learning from my past campaigns – what to do and what NOT to do.

Deep down somewhere, there is a small programmer hidden inside me. I have created as well as curated many websites and apps. A lot of websites done on wordpress, joomala and drupal.

Phew, a lot to be shared with you. I may not be regular, but will surely try by best to regular in my posts.

Happy reading, and please leave your comment below 🙂